Daphne Axtmann

    Attorney at Law

  • Welcome to my website!

    I render legal advice in several languages and on all aspects of contract law, Internet law, sale of goods, tenancy and real property law, employment law, commercial and company law, corporate law as well as family and inheritance law.


    My law office is close to the Wiesbaden Justice Center, in Mainzer Str. 25a, 65185 Wiesbaden.


    I would be pleased to develop a solution for you and look forward to discussing your legal questions with you.

  • The law Office


    Good legal education, continuous further training and international experience guarantee optimal client care.


    In this respect it is essential to discuss the facts at an early stage, to check the prospects of success, and to keep an eye on costs right from the outset.


    Based on a thorough legal analysis, I advise you on solution options and represent you out of court in negotiations with the adverse part and also in court proceedings.

  • Attorney at Law

    Daphne Axtmann


    until 1998

    Legal studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, first legal state exam, practical legal training inter alia at Clifford Chance in Frankfurt am Main



    Second legal state exam

    Second studies of politics and social sciences at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main



    Admission as attorney at law


    2003 - 2005

    Monbukagakushō scholarship holder at the State University of Tōkyō in Japan



    Establishment of own law office in Wiesbaden


    Frankfurt Chamber of Lawyers

    German-Japanese Lawyers Association (DJJV)

    German-Japanese Business Association (DJW)



    German (mother tongue)

    English (fluent in negotiations)

    Japanese (mother tongue)

    French (fluent)


    Publications (extract)

    • with Atsushi Kawada, Das Markenrecht in Japan im Markenrecht Volume 1, 3rd edition Heidelberger Kommentar editors Ekey, Bender, Fuchs-Wissemann
    • 日本語著者として、"ドイツにおける移民"「国際人流」2011年12月295号 The Immigration Newsmagazine
    • 「ドイツ民法はドイツ民法典のみではない」LS2017/3/3第5号 The Law Magazine of東京大学法学部大村敦研究室
  • Areas of Law

    My main areas of expertise:

    Japanese law​

    In particular civil law, commercial and company law, as well as contract law, family law and inheritance law (studies at the University of Tōkyō)








    Employment law​

    All issues relating to severance payment, warning letter, employment contract, transfer of business, termination, harassment, holiday duration, Christmas allowance







    Contrat law and sale of goods​

    For purchasers and sellers, contract issues, all questions arising before, during and after the conclusion of contracts, general terms and conditions, distance selling contract, online purchase, car purchase, guarantee, warranty, exclusion of liability, subsequent improvement, complaint, withdrawal from purchase, defect of quality, exchange, sale by dispatch, auctions, pre-contract, right of rescission

    Tenancy and real property right​

    For tenants and landlords, owners and facility managers operating costs, own use, house rules, termination, rent increase, rent deposit, rent reduction, lease agreement, service charge



    Family law​

    Issues relating to family planning, spouse maintenance, marriage contracts, child support, non-marital partnership, divorce

    Commercial and company law​

    Questions relating to formation of companies and partnerships (e.g. GmbH, AG, KG, OHG), liability, limitation of liability, commercial register, companies, corporate bodies, partnerships, "Prokura" (statutory registered power of representation)

    eBay & rights​

    resolving problems for private individuals as well as for dealers in the area of online-trade


    Civil law​

    All regulations applicable to the legal relationships among citizens, as well as the ascertainment, enforcement and protection of private rights

    Inheritance law

    Issues relating to wills and testaments, estate of the deceased and corporate succession

  • Japan

    A special feature of the law office is my expertise in Japanese law. Based on my bilingual education and two years of intensive studies as a graduate at the State University of Tōkyō as a Monbukagakushō scholarship holder and on continuous further training, I can competently respond to the needs of Japanese clients.


    Japanese clients receive expert legal advice on German law in the Japanese language, and I am pleased to represent them in Germany.


    Likewise, I render legal advice to German clients on all aspects of Japanese law, with a particular focus on employment law, commercial and company law, family law, inheritance law, contract and business law.

  • Forms

    If you wish to mandate me, I need some information on you as well as a power of attorney.


    You can print a power of attorney form here.

    Power of attorney form (German)

    •​ Power of attorney form (English)

    •​ Out-of-court power of attorney (German)

    •​ Power of attorney for employment law matters (German)


    Please note that a client-attorney-relationship is established only by an express agreement between you and me.


    My law office is in direct proximity to the Wiesbaden Justice Centre, which is very convenient for representing you in court hearings.

  • Costs

    I will early on inform you about the amount of the anticipated costs of your legal matter.


    The lawyer's fees depend on the value of the matter or dispute and are governed by the Lawyers Compensation Act.


    Depending on the nature of the matter I also offer you fee agreements or consultancy agreements.

    In litigation, lawyers are by law obliged to charge at least the fees owed according to the Lawyers Compensation Act.


    In low income situations, clients can apply for assistance under the legal advice scheme or for legal aid. The application needs to be filed with the competent local court.

  • Contact


    You will find me in the middle of Wiesbaden


    Kanzlei Axtmann

    Mainzer Str. 25a

    65185 Wiesbaden

  • Please note that if you mandate me by e-mail, fax or post, the mandate is considered as being accepted only when I have confirmed this in writing.


    Appointments upon arrangement


    via Telephone: +49 611 3334737

    via Fax: +49 611 3334739

    via e-mail: Daphne Axtmann


    Your message will be send to the law office as a simple e-mail. The data entered will not be stored otherwise or made available to third parties.